Where Do You Belong

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Yeshua, Mercy, and the children were on their way to Yeshua’s home. Mercy felt uneasy, and when she saw the gates to a beautiful palace ahead of them, her heart leapt to her throat. She began hyperventilating and stuttered, “I…I…I…can’t…do…this!”

Cherished gasped. “Mom, what’s wrong?” Mercy hid her face in her hands and then gingerly peeked over the tops of her fingers. She shielded her eyes again.

She shouted, “Stop the car!”

“I…I’m sorry…I…can’t.” She bolted out of the car and ran toward a park she saw a couple blocks back. Yeshua pursued her.

When Mercy reached the park, she dropped to the ground. She hugged her knees to her chest. Yeshua stopped and stretched out on the grass as though He was just getting some sun. Mercy looked at Him and was dumbfounded. He turned on His side and faced her.

“Mercy,” He said.

“No.” She interrupted Him. “I can’t do this. I don’t belong here.”

He raised His eyebrows. “What makes you think that?”

“I don’t think it. I know it,” she quipped.

“So,” He said, “that begs the question, where do you belong?” She thought for a minute.

“That’s just it! I don’t belong anywhere now! There’s no way I can go back to One Difficulty. I don’t want to move to More, but neither do I belong in a…a…castle!

Yeshua sat up and leaned towards her. He looked her in the eye and asked, “Mercy, what are you afraid of?”

“Everything,” she squealed. “I can’t…I don’t know the first thing about living like this. I’ll make a mess of everything. I’ll look like a complete fool!” She looked down at the ground. Her face flushed. “I’ll be an embarrassment to You, and You’ll look like a fool for taking me in. Don’t You see? I can’t do this.”

“No, that’s not how I see it at all,” Yeshua said. “You’re wavering because you’ve forgotten who you are. You’ve also forgotten Who I am and who Abba is.”

Mercy’s jaw dropped and her eyes opened wide.

“You see, Mercy, this isn’t about you and what you can or cannot do. It’s about Abba and Me… what we’ve done.”

Mercy remembered meeting Abba and the magnificent way He treated her. He let her know that she indisputably belonged to Him. She had never felt such serenity. How did I go from that to this?

“I don’t deserve You or Abba,” she whispered.

“No, but We deserve you. We created you. I took all that you deserved – all your punishment – and bled and died to save you. Abba? No one will ever fully understand the pain He endured watching Me, His Son, suffer. Although, He has given bits of understanding to some people – people like you.”

Mercy thought about Grace and how heart-shattering it was to watch her daughter regress into autism. She thought about the intensity of the seizures, losing all language skills, doctor appointments, hospitalizations, nearly dying, numerous daily therapies, school meetings, etc. She did all she could possibly do to help her. But, Abba? He allowed His Son to suffer in order to…to…save…me. What He must have gone through!

Mercy took Yeshua’s hands and touched His scars. “How can I say, “No,” to You? To Abba? After all You’ve done for me?”

They stood and walked to the gate where Cherished, Grace, and the driver waited. As soon as they arrived, the gates opened. The doors to the palace burst open and Kingdom Security guards came marching out, lined both sides of the driveway, and formed an arch with their sabers.

Yeshua began to walk under the arch. The driver removed His hat and Mercy recognized Him. The Glorious Advocate had been their Driver and would now escort them through the arch.

Yeshua called out, “Follow Me!”  They followed. Abba waited at the door and greeted each one with the warmest possible embrace and tears streaming down His face. The guards cheered and sang as they marched back in:



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    This is what I needed thank you

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    Excellent. I love the way you raise the characters up to Him through His willingness to get down to them.

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    I am teary-eyed and speechless.

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