When Mercy Hides

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Mercy heard a knock. The door opened. Several voices rang in unison, “Good morning!”  Mercy gasped in alarm and sat straight up.

“Who are you?”  Three women stood at the foot of her bed. Mercy looked around. Her heart raced. “Where am I? Where’s Wounded? Where are my kids?”

“A little confused this morning?” Everyone turned and saw Yeshua.

“Yeshua!” Mercy exclaimed.

He walked in and sat beside her. She looked at Him and said, “I remember where I am now. But where is Wounded? Where are my kids? Who are these people?”

Yeshua gave her hand a gentle squeeze. “Wounded had an accident last night.” Mercy gasped, but Yeshua held His hand up. “He’s fine. In fact, he’s had quite a transformation. He’s no longer wounded. Now he is what he was created to be – Noble. He’s here and is getting ready for the Glorious Celebration. So are the children and these ladies are here to help you get ready.”

Mercy looked at the women and back at Yeshua. “Help me? How?”

Yeshua answered, “They’re here to wash away doubt about who I am and who you are, Mercy.”

“I can do that myself, thank you.”

Yeshua said, “No, Mercy, you can’t, but they can.”

Mercy began to tremble. No, I can’t allow this! I ‘d rather go back to being Invisible!” She fell back on the bed and hid under the blankets. “Please leave. I don’t want to be seen like this.”

Yeshua asked, “Are you afraid of what they’ll see?”

“Yes. I am.”

“Or,” Yeshua looked her in the eye, “Are you afraid of what you will see?”

Mercy sat bolt upright, leaned towards Yeshua and whispered, “I’ve seen something in my heart. It’s ugly and scares me! I can’t let anyone see it, Yeshua! They’ll hate me. Sometimes…I hate myself.” She hid under the blankets again.

“Do you think I could ever fail?” Yeshua asked.

“Of course not.” Mercy’s voice was muffled by the blankets.

“You’re right. I cannot fail and I did not fail when I created you. You’ve seen your unredeemed self. You disguised yourself, but I saw you – the unmasked you – and loved you even then. Remember, I took the punishment you deserved. You don’t do that for someone unless you have an enormous amount of love for them. You – your heart and all it contains – were redeemed when I changed you from Invisible to Mercy. Yet, you continue to punish yourself. Do you think I failed to take enough punishment for you?”

Mercy again peeked over the blankets. Yeshua looked at her and asked, “Do you think I failed?”

Mercy’s tears began to flow. She wanted to hide, but she couldn’t.

“No,” she choked. “But I’m still afraid.”

“Don’t you see?” Yeshua said, “there’s nothing to hide from anymore.”

“It sure feels like there is,” Mercy said.

“That’s because you’re used to the unredeemed you. It’s like a huge bell that rings for a long time. When it stops, you can still hear it, because of its volume and echo. That is why these ladies want to help you – to remove that sound. Will you trust Me, Mercy?”

She thought about it, sat up and dried her eyes. She took Yeshua’s hand and said, “You’ve proven Yourself trustworthy again. I’m still afraid, but I choose to trust You.”

Yeshua smiled and hugged Mercy. He laughed and rocked her from side to side. “You see! You are redeemed! Oh, how I love you!” Mercy couldn’t help but laugh.

Yeshua stood and motioned towards the women. “Allow Me to introduce these wonderful ladies.” Their eyes sparkled and eagerness shone in their smiles.

“This is Joy.”  Yeshua indicated the woman with curly blonde hair, bright eyes and a smile that could melt your heart.

Mercy smiled at her. “I’m very glad to meet you, Joy.”

Joy clasped her hands to her heart and exclaimed, “The pleasure is all mine.”

“Joy will help you get the rest of your strength back – and then some.” Yeshua chuckled and winked at Joy.

His gaze moved to the next woman. She was tall with straight dark hair and a hint of mischief in her eyes. “This is Loving Kindness.” She bowed comically and said, “It is so nice to meet you, my dear.”  Everyone laughed.

Yeshua said, “She makes sure you know you are loved.”

Mercy replied. “I’m glad to meet you, Loving Kindness.”

He moved to the remaining woman. She appeared courageous, yet humble. “This is Faith.”

Faith tucked her straight, blonde hair behind her ears, walked to Mercy, took her hand, and said, “We’ve been looking forward to meeting you. Since Yeshua brought us together, I can hardly wait to see what He has in store.  He’s always surprising us with wonderful things. I’ve come to expect it. You will too.”

Mercy giggled. “I’m not sure how many more surprises I can handle!”  The room filled with laughter.

“I want to apologize for being rude. Please forgive me. I was just so…so…”

Yeshua interjected, “Surprised?” They burst into laughter again.

Mercy spoke, “I am glad to meet you. Thank you for your help and understanding. Just please be patient with me as I get used to the changes in my life.”

The women hugged Mercy and reassured her. They began to show her various bath salts, perfumes and clothes. They all began talking at once.

Mercy suddenly dashed over to Yeshua, hugged Him and declared, “You knew all along that I would love this! I should have known You would have wonderful surprises for me. Thank You! I’m sorry I doubted You.”

Yeshua said, “Don’t focus on that. Learn from it, but focus on My great love for you. It is certain and reliable.” Mercy nodded. She joined Faith, Loving Kindness, and Joy to prepare for the Glorious Celebration.



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    It is obvious by how you have written this post that you have felt this story. You have Ben There. This one is my favorite so far. ♥

    1. // Reply

      Thank you, Debbie! That really encourages me. I write from the “place of struggles” to give others, who may be going through something similar, a different perspective or a truth to hold on to. At the very least, they’ll know they aren’t alone.

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    It is so easy to identify with Mercy. Helpful in the personal struggle at those moments when personal failure seems to be all there is, obscuring the Truth for the moment..

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    Thank you, Glenda! When I’m struggling, I find myself thinking about what I’ve written and it’s been helping me too.

    No matter how many Christians there are or how different the circumstances may be, we’re really all in the same boat. It all boils down to what we’re focusing on – beholding Him.

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    “I can do that myself, thank you.” I have said this so many times! I love the way Yeshua was so gentle with Mercy. He didn’t force or demand but invited her to meet Joy and Faith. Beautiful!

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    Thank you for this, Marlene. I like the way you are developing your own story in an allegorical format. It’s thoughtful and inspiring. I enjoyed reading this!

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