What God Wants

Chained in darkness

alone, so alone

curled in the corner

chilled to the bone


Chained in darkness

No one knows

No one sees


It’s just me


Then I saw You

I tried to hide

What more do You want

I yelled and cried


You knelt before me

With tears in Your eyes

Gently took my hands

Together, we cried


Cleansed by Your love

in Your embrace

Shame washed away

By Your amazing Grace


Robed in White

Every burden gone

Now robed in white

Safe in Your arms

Shining in Your Light


Your Kingdom’s my home

I can’t help but sing

My story rewritten

By the King of kings


Oh, what Joy

To finally see

What You wanted all along

Was me!


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    Where have you been, this is so very true, I love it, awesome writing

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    Wow! I love this Marlene. And I love Daniel’s comment too! That poem sure sums it up. Great job.

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    Oh my God. I mean it. Oh my God!!! Thank You, Jesus. Marlene, this is just so beautiful. You have had an Experience and it shows. Thank you for sharing. I am copying it into my journal.so it will be at the ready. (I have learned I can trust God; I have also learned that I cannot trust a computer.)

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      Ahahahahahaha! Glenda, you are SO funny! I know exactly what you mean about computers.

      You’re right. This was an experience like no other. I would love to tell you more about it if you’re interested. If so, let me know and maybe we can set up a time to Skype. Just be forewarned: you will need a lot of tissues!

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    Not a skyper. But for you, and to hear your story, I will give it a try, All else fails, there is the telephone.

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      Sure, the phone is fine with me. If you have messenger, you can send me your number in a private message along with what day and time.

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    This is beautiful mom!! It realy shows what God did for us through the conference!!! He did an amazing work in both of us and you have shown that work to the world through this poem!!! Love it!!

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    Me too!! I love you too!!!

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    It was my privilege and blessing to attend the conference with you and witness first hand how God is healing you. I am teary eyed at the beauty and truth of this poem. May God continue to bless you and your family. —-Susan

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