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overflowing-laundry1Boy-oh-boy, do I know what it’s like to be busy, especially when my kids were…well…still kids. In the early days of Hannah’s autism, she lost all her language skills, became self-abusive and had autistic melt-downs that lasted for hours. My husband was a truck-driver and was gone for three weeks at a time. “Home” was entirely in my hands, yet it never felt so out of control. Occupational, physical, speech and behavior therapists were in and out of our home, as well as an early interventionist, child psychologist and family counselor. It was incredibly intense, but I learned more from that season than any other time in my life.

We all have days when we feel overwhelmed by the demands of life. We stress and snap at the people who mean the most to us. Then we feel guilty and shame sneers at us.

Is there a practical way to break this vicious downward spiral?

Yes! Thank God!

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    This is a great story and connection. Tom and I (semi-retired) were just discussing this morning the business of Mom’s these days and I was remembering that although prior to technology, the stress of mothering three young children and managing an in-home business, I remember with great clarity what that felt like. Now, I am so grateful for the time God has provided for us to study the Word independently and together. No matter what our circumstance, the solution to our fatigue and confusion is always the same, gratitude for what we have at this moment.

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      Thank you, Susan! You’re so right. I also love the way He brings something good out of every situation!

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