That’s My Right

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Wounded and Yeshua entered the Out of Bounds Roadhouse. Wounded thought, I sure hope it’s quiet. This place can get pretty rowdy sometimes.

The host, Aiden Abet, took them to a table. “How’s this?”

“Booth, please,” Wounded said. Yeshua chuckled.

“Absolutely,” Aiden said. “You have the right to a booth.”

Once seated, Yeshua asked, “How are you doing?”

Wounded replied as he looked around the room, “Fine. You?”

“Me? I’m great!” Yeshua smiled and didn’t say another word until Wounded looked at Him. “How do you feel about the team? Are you leaving Us?”

Wounded’s jaw dropped.

The waitress appeared. “Good morning. My name is Ima Meddler. You have the right to coffee.”

Wounded said, “No coffee.”

Ima smirked. “You also have the right to not have coffee.” Wounded placed his order.

Yeshua said, “I have everything I need.” Ima walked away.

Wounded looked at Yeshua. “Am I leaving the team? Are You crazy?”

Yeshua spoke gently. “Haven’t you left Us already? When you’re with Us, can you honestly say you’re really with Us?”

“No,” Wounded said looking down. He didn’t want Yeshua to see his shame and guilt.

“I want you to know you are wanted and you are needed on this team.” Yeshua hesitated. “Tell me where your heart goes when you’re with Us?”

Wounded looked at Him with eyes blazing. “On fire! That’s where my heart goes. I am so damned angry with You when I’m with my family! I’m consumed by it. It’s like I’ve got blinders on and all I can see is how angry I am with You! It comes out at my wife because she is consumed by autism. It comes out at my kids when all they want is attention. It isn’t my fault that our world is turned upside down. It’s Your fault! You’re the quarterback. You call the plays. Well I don’t like the plays You call. Yeah, I go out of bounds and stop the clock. You bet I do, because I know I’m not able to execute the play! I’m helpless in this situation and I keep giving You another chance to smarten up and call some better plays! So far, You haven’t.”

“Wow! Things are intense over here,” Ima said as she placed Wounded’s food on the table. “Can I get you anything else?” Wounded and Yeshua never took their eyes off each other. Ima walked away.

“Thank you for being honest,” Yeshua said. “That’s a huge step towards your wounded heart being healed. You’re right. You have been consumed with anger and it is all you see. You’re angry with me, but your wife and children bear the brunt of it, but you’re wrong about being helpless and about your world getting turned upside down. I didn’t do that. You did…every time you stepped out of bounds and refused to execute the plays I gave you. You took matters into your own hands, stopped the clock, and as a result you weren’t in the right place to receive the help I sent. I sent help to the 30-yard-line, but you went out of bounds at the 40-yard-line.”

Wounded was flabbergasted. “You sent help? I…I didn’t know that. I didn’t see it. I blamed You for everything…and here You are. I’m amazed You’re even talking to me. But, wait a minute. You said I turned our world upside down. How?”

Yeshua answered, “When difficulties come, they tend to bring up negative emotions from the past. You choose to either face them and let Me heal those wounds, which will keep Negative Emotion in his place as your servant; or allow him to take over. He promises you your ‘rights,’ but he wreaks havoc instead. He does so with…your…permission. You could have been there for your wife and children. You could have handled autism together as a whole family – as a team – which would have brought unity and vision for the team.”

“So I ruined everything!” Wounded covered his face.

Yeshua responded, “Did you blow it? Yes. Am I Who I Am and able to save you, your family, and the situation? You bet I Am!”

“There’s still hope for me? For my family? Every one of us?” Wounded’s eyes opened wide.

“Absolutely!” Yeshua beamed. “Just make a different choice where Negative Emotion is concerned.”

Wounded said, “I don’t like who I’ve become. There’s something better in me. I know it. I feel it. I want to be who I was meant to be.”

“That’s what I’ve been waiting to hear!” Yeshua looked Wounded in the eye and said, “You are Noble, a man of great honor and dignity. Now I warn you, Negative Emotion is used to being in charge. He’s good at persuading people that they don’t have a choice and they’ll give up their rights if he’s not in charge. I, Truth, give you the power to choose, but You have to exercise your choice by taking your place and standing your ground. I’m with you and I’ll help you, but you have to stay in the game by staying in bounds.”

There was a commotion by the door. Aiden and Ima were trying to keep Negative Emotion from coming in, but he pushed past them. He shouted, “Wounded, what are you doing here with…with…Him?”

Noble stood. “I’m no longer Wounded and you no longer call the shots. I am Noble. I was created with honor and dignity. I am taking my place and putting you in yours because that’s my right.”

“Yes!” Yeshua shouted. He was now sitting on top of the booth’s back rest, coaching and cheering joyfully.

Patrons ran outside for safety. Aiden looked at Ima and said, “It gets rowdy when Yeshua’s here.”



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    This is true and still a work in process

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      Thanks Debbie!

      “Profound. Sad. Comical.” Sounds like the perfect description of our lives as God works on us!

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