Thank You, Meade County School District

Hannah's graduationAs the mom of three children who are very spread apart in age, I have had at least one child in school for the last 28 years. Since my husband was a truck driver, we moved a lot. Consequently, my children, two of whom have special needs, attended public schools, private schools, Christian schools, and even home school in eight towns across five states.

Meade County School District in Kentucky has topped them all. It employs some of the most supportive and compassionate administrators, teachers, and staff I have ever known. They demonstrate extraordinary values and continually went the extra mile in ensuring my daughter’s success. Their Mission is to “…establish an atmosphere of EXCELLENCE by exhibiting a ‘We CARE’ attitude…”  In my opinion, they are highly successful.

Since my youngest daughter graduated in 2015, I didn’t expect to be surprised, once again, by their compassion for students with special needs. I was wrong.

My heart was so touched when I had the honor of attending a new autism support group orchestrated by the principal and special education teachers at Brandenburg Primary School. They saw the genuine need parents have for support and resources, so they took it upon themselves to help meet that need.

The group included parents of children that represented a wide range of the autism spectrum. Some described experiences that left them feeling isolated, frustrated and helpless. I watched as they listened to each other and saw the “look” on certain faces as the reality dawned that they were not alone.

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) was in attendance to give suggestions for preparing children for the start of the new school year. A change in routine, such as this, can be daunting for children with autism and can have a big impact on their families. She also shared about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a science-driven approach that has produced tremendous progress.

My purpose for attending this meeting was to look for a way to give back to the community which has so richly blessed my family. I shared with them the profound impact autism had on my daughter in the early days and thanks to ABA, she currently has her driver’s license, is going to college, and is on the Dean’s List. My prayer is for this to give them hope.

The meeting was officially over after an hour, but it was closer to two hours before everyone reluctantly left. When they did, there were packets of information on available resources in their hands, hope in their eyes, and a spring in their steps as though some weight had been lifted off their shoulders.

Thank you, Meade County School District, for once again accomplishing your mission to care. Just in case you don’t know or are not told often enough, this mom, and I’m certain many others as well, greatly appreciate all you do!


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    That is fantastic Marlene. Well written, as usual. Yes, Meade County sure has been a wonderful resource for you all. What a blessing!

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    They were such a blessing to me!!!!! Beautifully written mom!!!

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    I remember when Hannah decided she was going to go to public school. Once she had made up her mind not much was going to stop her. It certainly was divine intervention at that time, because of where you lived, she would enter the Meade County school system. As parents, you and Dan worked hard to make sure Hannah could stay in that district. The results speak for themselves and Meade County has lived up to its reputation. I know that you as a parent and voice for children with autism helped them move in the right direction.

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    Thanks, Susan! Hannah is definitely a person who goes after what she wants. I love that about her, but I still wasn’t planning to put her in public school because of what I and my older two had seen and experienced. When I met with the Director of Special Education at that time, I was completely blown away and so were my preconceived notions about public school. You’re right, they did live up to their reputation and then some!

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