Thank You, Hardin County School District

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I witnessed the most amazing scene Monday night. Teresa Morgan, the Superintendent of Hardin County School District held a meeting with parents of children with special needs, teachers and other professionals.

We formed groups with a teacher or professional in each one to gain input on concerns as well as identifying positive strategies already in place. I saw parents, who can find parent/teacher conferences or IEP meetings intimidating, freely expressing their thoughts and concerns with teachers and the Superintendent.

In the end, Mrs. Morgan thanked everyone for their attendance and insight. She assured us that strategies would be established and implemented in the areas of concern.

I have never seen anything like this in almost 30 years of having my kids in schools all over the country. Thank you, Hardin County School District! Thank you, Special Needs Families Hardin County Connect and Bonnie Swingle Linscott, for inviting me. Thank you, Mrs. Morgan, for taking the time to ask and listen to parents’ concerns and for having a heart that truly cares about children with special needs and their parents!

There is hope!


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    Awesome and encouraging!

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