Tears of Mercy

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The safety of patient, Invisible Heart, at New Covenant Hospital is being questioned. She was admitted for injuries sustained through the fault of Negative Emotion, who has just been transferred New Covenant also. Many believe they should be kept apart. The Physician does not. He stated that neither one will fully recover without facing the other.

Upon arrival, Negative Emotion woke from sedation. As he was wheeled in, Invisible Heart, who was taking her prescribed daily walk to regain strength, walked around the corner. When she saw him, she visibly shook in fear. And then… Anger as well.

“Who…Wha…What in the…” Her face turned beet red and she stood straight and tall as her strength doubled.

“Oh no. No, no, NO! If he’s coming in here, then I’m going out! I don’t want to be in the same city with him! He almost KILLED me!”

Invisible grabbed a clip board from Nurse Forgiveness’s hands and flung it at his head with enough power to inflict serious injury.

Everyone held their breath. An EMT stepped in and caught the flying object.

Invisible was enraged. She glared at the EMT as He took off His hat.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes opened wide.

“Yeshua?”  She was dumbfounded.

“Well, you’ve clearly regained a lot of strength,” Yeshua said with a half-smile.

“B…but I don’t understand.” She barely uttered the words when she collapsed into the arms of Dr. Kind, who was standing nearby. A nurse, also nearby, rushed a stretcher to him and he gently placed her on it and wheeled her to her room.

Negative Emotion, shocked by the identity of the EMT, whispered, “Yeshua? I didn’t know it was You. I can’t believe I didn’t recognize You!”

Yeshua said, “We’ll discuss that later. For now, we need to get you settled in a room.”

Yeshua turned to Nurse Forgiveness and asked, “What room is available?”

She hesitatingly answered, “The only available one is next to Invisible Heart’s room.”

Yeshua exclaimed, “Perfect! Let’s go.”   They took Negative Emotion to his room and got him settled in.

Yeshua went to Invisible’s room too, opened the door slowly, and peeked in.

“Are you gonna throw things at me?”

Invisible stared straight ahead and said, “I promise nothing.”

“It’s worth the risk and I also like your honesty.” He placed a chair beside her bed and sat down.

After several minutes, Invisible thought, He needs to say something!  He said He would protect me, but He purposefully brought that man into the same building with me! “Trust Him,” He said too. Well how can I trust Him now?!

After twenty minutes crawled by in silence, she began to calm down.

But I don’t want to calm down. I have a right to be angry. Giving mental assent to that thought, she finally spoke.

“I have a right to be angry! That man hurt me and I still haven’t recovered. I can’t take care of my own children or even myself for that matter, let alone my home or my things. I CAN’T do a freaking thing!” Her voice and anger grew in volume and strength with each word. She glared at Him, demanding a response.

He replied compassionately, “Now, you’re beginning to understand.”

The anger on her face softened into confusion and finally into understanding and acceptance.

Yeshua held her gaze.

“So, I can’t protect myself, but that’s okay. You protect me, but not the way I expect?”

“Yes,” He said. “This means you’ve learned something vital. What is it?”

“Well,” she said as she studied His face, “I learned, once again, that You are trustworthy.”

“Yes, you did and at a much deeper level. I am so proud of you! And have you also learned something about yourself?”

Her eyes dropped to herself, but quickly looked back at the most loving face she’d ever seen.

“I think I learned that I’m not Invisible anymore, because You see me so clearly.”

Tears of MercyYeshua’s eyes welled up with tears. “Yes, I do.” Rivers began to flow down His face as He choked, “I see the masterpiece I created with My own hands, the masterpiece I love with every fiber of My heart – I see the masterpiece that you are, your beautiful heart, and sweet, sweet nature – the masterpiece I also bled and died to save.”

Now, Invisible’s eyes teared up as well. She scooted to the edge of her bed, reached out and embraced Him. She cried softly. He wrapped His arms around her and held her. Her cry deepened until it came from the deepest crevices of her soul carrying with it the excruciating agony and torment entombed there for many long years.

Her pain was audible.

Yeshua’s was also. They cried together as He held her in His arms.

Finally, the downpour slowed. Invisible sat up so she could see His face.

“Who am I then, if I’m no longer Invisible? I honestly don’t know who I am now.”

Yeshua leaned forward, enveloped her face with His hands, looked deep in her eyes and said, “You are Mercy. That is your name.  It is also your purpose and gift.”

She burst into tears again, but these tears were comprised of relief, contentment and joy. They were tears of Mercy.



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    Once again, your story has brought tears to my eyes. There is so much in your story that applies to me personally and probably many other mothers. Thank you for your gift to us.

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      Thank you so much, Susan! I really appreciate that, because my desire for this blog is to touch and encourage moms’ hearts.

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    Nice job I like reading your blog

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    I’m with Susan. I rarely cry when I read or watch movies. But these posts move me. NOW, if I were to be honest I would say, “I need to get alone with the Lord and let him show me WHY this story moves me the way it does!” I have a feeling when I do I had better schedule a good block of time. 😉 And, like Susan said, “thank you for sharing your gift with us.”

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      Thanks, Deb! When I shared this post on facebook, I was going to say, “You may want a box of tissue nearby.” But I knew if I read something like that, I probably wouldn’t read it, because I hate to cry!

      NOW, if I were to honest, I would tell you that I’ve shed lots of tears while writing this allegory, but I’ve also laughed a lot at the funny lines that come to mind!

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    Very nicely written.
    It kind of reminded me of Tales of the Kingdom.
    Great creativity!
    We all need to have that experience with Jesus!

    1. // Reply

      Thank you SO much, Matt! I LOVE Tales of the Kingdom, so you’ve really blessed me!

      You’re right – we all need to see how trustworthy Jesus is and how valuable we are to Him.

      Thanks for reading my blog!

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