Take Your Rightful Place

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Negative Emotion lay in his hospital bed fretting over the imminent meeting with Mercy and Yeshua. Why would Yeshua even set this meeting up since Mercy and I are now enemies?

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

Yeshua and Mercy entered. Yeshua looked at Negative Emotion with a huge grin and said, “Good morning to you!”

Negative Emotion looked away.

Yeshua continued, “Good morning to you too, Yeshua! Well thank you for that bright greeting. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you!” Mercy laughed.

Negative Emotion said, “What the heck is she doing in my room. She is not welcome here. After all, little Miss Mercy,” he spit out her name in an especially snarky tone, “hurled a clipboard straight at my head.”

I did, thought Mercy, and she hung her head in shame, but then she looked up at Yeshua. Suddenly she saw her identity in His eyes once again. I must behold Him and not myself, she thought, or I will lose myself.

Yeshua stood at the foot of Negative Emotion’s bed, looked him straight in the eye and said, “You are a patient in My hospital. You have no control here.”

Negative Emotion blushed, snarled under his breath and looked out the window.

Mercy was shocked at Yeshua’s absolute authority. She thought twice before speaking, but couldn’t get away from a nagging thought.

“Yeshua,” Mercy said, “I hate to say this, but I don’t understand why You would give medical care to Negative Emotion. I always believed he was my enemy.”

Yeshua answered, “Negative Emotion was created with a purpose. He is not your enemy. In reality, he is your servant. He was created to alert you when you have removed your eyes from me and are in danger of losing your peace and your identity.”

A servant? For me?  Mercy was flabbergasted.

Negative Emotion was infuriated. “A servant? For her? Surely, you jest!”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”  Yeshua looked intently at Negative Emotion who quickly looked away.

Yeshua turned His gaze to Mercy. “I’m giving Negative Emotion medical care because you did not heed his warning signals. He grew louder and more intrusive. You allowed him to break through his proper boundaries and ultimately gave him full control. You aren’t here in the hospital because Negative Emotion acted recklessly, but because you acted recklessly.”

Mercy was stunned. “I’m supposed to control him? I can’t do that!”

“You’re right. You can’t. He’s too strong for you to control. When you hear his warning signs, look to Me. When you look to Me, you place Negative Emotion in My hands and I will keep him within his boundaries. Look to Me and My strength will be yours. Look to Me and you won’t lose yourself.”

Mercy knew He was right. Rather than looking to Him, she tried and failed to do it all herself.

Yeshua said, “Mercy, you must take your rightful place. You must learn to stand and hold your ground.”

“B…but I don’t know what my rightful place is let alone how to stand! And hold my ground? What ground? Yeshua, I have come to trust You more than anyone on earth, but right now I have no clue what You are talking about.”

Suddenly, Mercy noticed movement in a corner of the room. She practically jumped out of her skin when she saw a King walking directly toward her. She looked at Yeshua. She’d never seen His smile look so luminous.

He looked at the King and said, “Abba, it is my great honor and delight to present Mercy, Your beloved daughter, whom I have searched for and found.”

“Well done, Yeshua!”

Mercy covered her face in shame and burst into tears at the thought of Abba hearing about her utter failure. He gently lifted her head and she saw His tears and His heart of Love for her.

She was in a state of shock, and whispered, “Abba…Abba…Oh, Abba!”

Glorious Patient Advocate came into the room carrying a large bejeweled treasure chest. He opened it and began giving its contents to Abba. Yeshua helped Mercy to her feet and supported her since she was still in shock.

Abba placed a dazzling silver crown covered with sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts on her head. He wrapped her in the most beautiful white robe she had ever seen. Next came a heavenly blue sash, a ring made of 5 golden cords intertwined with silver, and finally, silver shoes for her feet.

Abba stood back and looked at Mercy.

“There now,” Abba said. “You are now in your rightful place as My precious daughter.”

Mercy hadn’t blinked once for several minutes. She simply could not believe her eyes. Glorious Patient Advocate opened a small jar and handed it to Abba.

Abba applied salve to her eyes to help her clearly see the authenticity of the experience. When the reality of her relationship with Abba, and His Love and Goodness dawned on her, she threw her arms around His neck and cried in pure joy, “Abba! Oh, Abba!”

Abba, elated at her joy in being reunited with Him, hugged her, laughed with her, and cried with her. He lifted her in His arms and twirled her around the room in a triumphant dance. Music and celebration broke forth in the room and spread throughout the hospital. Even Negative Emotion cheered up.

Yeshua whispered in Glorious Patient Advocate’s ear, “Is this a preview of the ‘Glorious Celebration’ to come?”  Glorious laughed and whispered back, “Absolutely! I take it that lessons on standing and holding your ground are now on tomorrow’s agenda?”

Yeshua beamed and shouted, “Absolutely!”  They laughed together and joined the festivity.



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    Oh, awesome…I skimmed quickly because we are heading to Maine for a few days and need to get on the road. Really awesome stuff in there, sorry can’t soak it all in right now. God bless you.

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    This is great and powerful

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    Beautifully written, Marlene. “I must behold Him and not myself.” Wisdom in those words. It is easy to assume that negative emotion is sin. I like the way you portray it as a servant. Two excellent points to remember. (We had a great time in Maine. Thanks.

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    Thank you, Glenda! You’re absolutely right. It is easy to assume that negative emotion is sin, which is why we try so hard to avoid it. I think recognizing it as a servant removes the stigma and the sting.

    I’m so glad you had a good time in Maine!

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