Support and Encouragement

Drum Roll Please

I’m excited to announce that I went way out of my comfort zone by entering a writing contest! Win or not, I learned a lot. Most importantly, I learned how much support and encouragement I have – and how blessed I am.

Support and Encouragement

Contestants were to write a life story with a maximum of 1,000 words, so I used my allegory as a timeline. I chose sections on which you, my dear friends, commented so beautifully. I put them together and ended up with over 7,000 words.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. I deleted, edited, and deleted some more.

Dan supported me by taking care of the house. He even cooked meals. 

When I got my story down to 1500 words, I grew discouraged. I simply couldn’t see a way  to delete another 500 words and still have it flow.

Guess who my consistent encourager was? That’s right! Hannah. I got text message after text message saying, “You can do this, mom! Look at how much you’ve already done. Look at the positives!”

Haily, my faithful companion, kept watch by my side. A few times, late at night, she gave me “the look” which says, “Can we please turn the light off now?” But each time, she snuggled back into her bed and went back to sleep.


With all this support and encouragement, I got the job done. Normally, I would be on pins and needles waiting to hear the results. But I’m not. I am content in the love and support of you, my cherished friends and my wonderful family. Is it possible for you to know how much you bless me and how thankful I am for you?!



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    I think you are an amazing writer, and never doubted for one minute that you could do it! Love how everyone pulled together to help you! Truly God is doing amazing things! So happy for you!

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      Thank you, Mary! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate mom’s and your prayers! I love you both more than your know!

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    One word here: testimony. Your dedication and perseverance with this project is a testimony. Your dedication, faith and perseverance raising Hannah is a testimony. In fact, if you ever need to see what a walking testimony, just look in the mirror. Carry on.

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    Yay! You are an amazing writer, I’m glad that you took that step out of your comfort zone, so others can experience your gift!

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    I would have loved and supported you too if I had known. hahhahaaa……Seriously, good for you. That had to have been quite the challenge! Do we get to read your 1000 words? ♥ you.

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    Ahahahahaha! You have always loved and supported me, which I greatly appreciate! I can’t post it on here until they announce the winner. But I will as soon as I possibly can. Thanks, Deb!

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