Sudden Change of Heart: Will the Glorious Celebration Be Cancelled?

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Mrs. Heart began treatment today to expose the emotions which caused the blockage of her faith artery. When told about the procedure, she was panic-stricken and would not allow anyone near her. The Physician was immediately called due to great concern for her recovering heart.

He barely stepped into the room when she cried, “This is going to completely change who I am! I’ve never liked being Invisible, but neither do I want to be seen. It isn’t safe. I just want to hide! I’m not sure I want my name changed. Let’s cancel everything. I can’t do this!”

The Physician pulled a chair up close to her bed, took her hand in His and looked at her with such compassion and empathy, she was completely distracted from her panic.

“There is a difference between being Invisible and being hidden. When you are Invisible, even you can’t see you, which is why you haven’t liked it. You don’t know yourself, how you were made or what your purpose is and neither does anyone else.”

He looked at her knowingly, “Being Invisible has not kept you safe from others or yourself.” She looked at the floor, unable to meet His gaze.

“This procedure will cause you to be hidden. In My heart.” She looked back up at Him in surprise.

“You will come to know Me, which will help you to know yourself and others. It does not mean you’ll never feel pain again. But, in order for something to pierce your heart, it has to pierce Mine first. I literally feel your pain. This is why I also experienced chest pain the night of the accident. Since I take the first strike, your pain is significantly buffered.”

Mrs. Heart was dumbfounded. She looked into His eyes for the longest time as if searching for something.

She suddenly burst out, “Finally! Someone I can trust! I’ve been searching for You my whole life!” She began to sob. “I don’t ever want to make You angry. I don’t ever want to disappoint you.”  Her sobs became uncontrollable. She. Couldn’t. Catch. Her. Breath.

Nurses watched in amazement as the Physician got up from the chair, laid on her bed beside her, drew her into His arms and held her until the sobbing subsided.

Mrs. Heart pulled back just enough to see His face. “You are absolutely amazing. I’ve never known anyone like You.” Her tears began to flow again. “I want to be for You all that You are for me, but,” once again her entire being began to shake with sobs, “I. Know. I. Can’t.”  She placed her head back on His chest and allowed herself to be held while she cried.

The Physician held her until there were no more tears. “You’re right, you know. You can’t be for Me all that I Am for you. You want to earn My love and all that I Am. This you can never do. But take heart, because that in no way causes Me to stop being Me. I Am Who I Am and can be no one else. And no one else can be Me. Likewise, you can be no one but you. You were designed with great care – a masterpiece created for a special purpose. You haven’t known this because you haven’t known Me. You have been told about Me, but that’s not the same. As you get to know Me, you will get to know yourself, your true identity, your design, gifts, and purpose.”

He lifted her head, searched her eyes, and asked, “Will you consent to this procedure?  It will take time and diligence, but I will be with you every step of the way.”

She thought quietly for several minutes. “Trusting does not come easily to me, but for some reason, I believe You. I choose to trust You. Yes, I consent.”

Mrs. Heart was startled by the sigh of relief from the nurses. She had forgotten they were in the room and she practically jumped out of her skin! Then she began to laugh. And she laughed until the others couldn’t help but laugh with her.

The Physician inquired, “Soooo, I take it this means we can continue planning the Glorious Celebration?”

Mrs. Heart had a mischievous twinkle in her eyes as she replied, “Well of course you can! Why would you ever doubt me?!” The room erupted into laughter again.

The Physician said, “Now this is the kind of medicine I like!” He laughed so hard, he snorted and the hilarity multiplied a hundred-fold.

The Physician began writing on His prescription pad, still laughing and wiping tears from His eyes. He tore out the prescription; handed it to Mrs. Heart; and since He was still laughing so hard He couldn’t talk, He used motions to communicate that this was the new scripture for her to lift to heaven for her physical therapy.

Psalm 143:8 “Cause me to hear Your loving-kindness in the morning, for on You do I lean and in You do I trust. Cause me to know the way wherein I should walk, for I lift up my inner self to You.”


Psalm 143 8


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      Thank you! It is a lot to ponder. It represents years of healing that God has done in my heart. What an amazing God we serve!

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    I am so moved, I don’t know what to say. God is speaking through you and you are speaking for so many of us who have also wished to be invisible and felt so isolated. God bless you and this writing.

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    There are many of us who find ourselves in this quandary, but thank God, He’s a mighty and loving Savior!

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    Oh my goodness, Marlene, I have felt so guilty for not commenting on any of these. My thought today was to take time to go back and reread and comment on each one. Doing justice to such a big task felt overwhelming because I hate making trite generic comments on such outstanding and thought provoking works as you have been producing. So clicked randomly on this one after a quick prayer. And lo and behold if Debbie Berry hasn’t expressed precisely perfectly my feeling. “How does one even comment on a writing so grand? So much to ponder.” Keep doing what you’re doing, Marlene. ‘Lord, please direct this to all who need this Healing Word.’

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      Oh, Glenda! Please don’t feel at all guilty. My prayer is for God to tailor this blog to each person that He brings in His timing, so they will receive all that He has for them. Thanks for praying with me!

      This is the first time I’ve ever written an allegory, but it has quickly become my favorite form of writing. In fact, I believe it has become my writer’s voice.

      Thanks for being a part of this endeavor!

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