Statement of Purpose for Master’s Degree

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Statement of Purpose

Marlene DeForrest                           July 23, 2017                        MA in Integrative Studies

Autism has filled my life and heart with anguish, education, and triumph. Anguish, because a head pediatrician told me to “strongly consider” residential placement for my daughter, Hannah. Education, because I returned to school to learn how to help her and others with autism. Triumph, because today, Hannah’s life includes driving, employment, community activities, college, and the Dean’s List.

To help others, I joined the Meade County Autism Support Group when it began. I was shocked to discover children with autism, who have Medicaid, are placed on a ten-year waiting list for treatment. Parents are desperate to protect their children from self-abuse and wandering; as well as helping them communicate, regulate their emotions, and function in society.

My purpose in entering the Master’s Program in Integrative Studies is to take the required ABA courses for the Board exam and certification. I also plan to take NPM 6400: Leadership and People, NPM 7300: Seminar in Nonprofit Management, and AHS 7685: Fund Development and Fundraising in Human Service Environment.

My goal is to develop programs for children who don’t have insurance or are on the waiting list for treatment and to train parents to work those programs. Since parents are not typically their children’s behavior therapists, I would like to conduct case studies on each parent/child team.

Ultimately, I would like to establish a nonprofit organization to provide ABA. My desire is to help parents turn their anguish into triumph through education, encouragement, and support.


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