Prayer For Hannah On Her 19th Birthday

First Day of CollegeFather,

We thank You for Hannah who is nineteen years old today!  She is Your work of art – Your masterpiece.

You have made our lives so rich by placing her in our family and we are so honored! 

Your word says that You have an awesome future for her with paths that You have created especially for her. 

Thank You, Lord, for loving her, blessing her, taking care of her,

and making “rivers in the desert” for her! 

Thank You for the many miracles You have already performed in her life

and for all the miracles still to come.

In Jesus’ name,



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    This picture takes my breath away. She is so beautiful and it captures who she is so well.

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    I love this picture too, Debbie. It was taken as she was going out the door to her first day of college. I’m not sure which of us was more excited or nervous!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hannah, such a pretty young lady, have fun

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    This was beautifully written for a beautiful girl! If anyone doubts God’s existence, they need only look at you, Hannah, to see how magnificent He is!! You are made in His image and everyone that comes in contact with you comes in contact with His love and grace. Thank you for being a walking testimony and living a graceful life of worship and praise! The devil may have tried to quiet you but no power against Him will persevere!!! I love you, SISTA, and am so blessed to have you in my life! Thank you, God, the most amazing gift you gave our family….your grace in the form of Hannah!!

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      Mandy, you are the most amazing sister Hannah could ever have! You have given and continue to give to her selflessly. No questions asked. So many times, I have been in awe at the amount of God’s love and grace that flows to and through both you and Hannah. I am exceedingly blessed!

      By the way, you have quite a way with words yourself. Your comment was beautifully written!

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