Parents, Stand Your Ground

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Revised health care bill

The revised health care bill continues to jeopardize the most vulnerable United States Citizens: those with disabilities. If passed, 15 million people, most of whom have disabilities, will lose or be unable to access Medicaid.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “Recent estimates in the United States show that about one in six, or about 15%, of children aged 3 through 17 years have one or more developmental disabilities,” (

Changes have been made to the revised health care bill, but not to the plan for Medicaid. You can read more about its effects here:

Parents, Stand Your Ground

As the controversy over health care persists, we must persist as well. Call your Senators again, write more letters, but for the sake of our loved ones with disabilities, we must not give up.

I understand the sacrifices of time, energy, and emotion in raising a child with special needs. We experience days when we can’t deal with one more issue.

However, this issue is critical. I shudder to think where my daughter, Hannah, would be today if not for Medicaid during those crucial early years.

If your loved ones don’t need Medicaid, consider those who do. Let’s rally together for them.

Our voices matter

Yes, there have been times when our voices didn’t affect change. But our voices still matter.

Why? Because you will know you did what you could for your children, grandchildren, and their future children.

Our voices matter especially to God. If Senators don’t listen to us, I believe God will. So, please join me in praying for our loved ones.

Please Act Now

The Senate may vote on this bill by Tuesday, July 18th. So, let’s make those phone calls, write those letters, and above all, pray!


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