Our Sweet Hannah

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Our Sweet Hannah

The redness of her hair
The blueness of her eyes
The wonder on her face
But…oh, the confusion in her mind

The bounce in her step
The beauty of her smile
The life in her spirit
But…oh, the confusion in her mind

The intensity of her crying
The abusiveness to herself
The long hours of meltdowns
Because of the confusion in her mind

We’ll bring her through the meltdownsCollege Scholarship Award
Not let her hurt herself
We’ll break the grip of autism
And clear the confusion in her mind

One by one the chains have broken
By the Grace of God above
Our hearts forever filled with thanks
For our sweet girl whom we so love!


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      Thank you, hun! You played such a big role in helping Hannah. We appreciate all you’ve done for her and for us more than you can possibly know!!!

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    Love it mom!!! You mean the world to me!!!!

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    What a message of hope and optimism, while not downplaying the challenges. Good work, Marlene.

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