How Will Yeshua Connect With Crying Out?

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This is Ben There reporting on a profound moment at New Covenant Hospital. Cherished brought Warrior and Crying Out to see their Mom, not knowing celebration had broken forth throughout the hospital. This presented a problem, because Crying Out has autism. She doesn’t like sudden changes in routine and was thrown by the flurry of people and activity. She is also very sensitive to loud noises. The closer they got to Mercy’s room, the greater the celebration.

As they entered Mercy’s room, Crying Out’s hands were over her ears and tears streamed down her face. Cherished set her on Mercy’s lap and Crying Out hid her face in her Mama’s shoulder, because she was terrified of making eye-contact with new people. Many celebrants didn’t notice them.

Yeshua stood and raised His hand high. Everyone noticed. The room became quiet. They stood still as though frozen in time.

Yeshua walked over to Cherished and hugged her.

It’s funny, she thought, how every time I’m with Him, I find more rest and peace.

Yeshua smiled and said, “Thank you for bringing your cares to me.”  She smiled and said, “Thanks for sending for us!”  She lingered for an extra moment in His embrace.

He put His arm around Warrior’s shoulders and said, “I have given you the heart of a warrior and placed a high calling on your life.”

Warrior nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.”

Yeshua, then set a chair five feet away from Crying Out without looking at her. All eyes were on Him. How would He connect with her?

Glorious Advocate brought Him some colorful Legos. He began building with them. Crying Out stopped crying and watched Him as she clung to her Mama. Some Legos fell off His lap, so He sat on the floor, now four feet away from her. He built a tower with a color pattern of blue, red, purple, and white; but knocked it over with His foot and it broke apart. In order to gather them, He moved over and was three feet away from her.

Crying Out climbed down from Mercy’s lap, but stayed close by her. Everyone held their breath. Still, Yeshua did not make eye-contact with her. She watched Him build the tower again: blue, red, purple, white; blue, red, purple, white. He shifted positions and down went the tower again with Legos scattering everywhere.

He gathered the ones near Him and stretched His arms toward the ones near her, but couldn’t reach them. He stretched and stretched, but couldn’t get them. He went back to building with the ones He had.

Crying Out looked at Him, looked at the Legos near her feet, and looked back at Him. He was building His tower: blue, red, purple…He didn’t have a white Lego near Him. He looked at the one near her feet, reached for it, but couldn’t get it. He shrugged His shoulders and picked up a blue Lego. Crying Out gasped, quickly picked up the white Lego and tossed it to Him. He caught it and looked up at her.

Their eyes met for the first time. She held His gaze. They did not simply search each other’s eyes. No, it was much more.

Not one word was spoken, but He saw the deep cry of her heart, “As the deer pants longingly for the water brooks, so my soul pants longingly for You, O God. My soul (my life, my inner self) thirsts for God, for the living God. When will I come and see the face of God?” (Psalm 42:1-2 Amp)

She saw His resolution, “Do not be afraid—I am with you! I am your God—let nothing terrify you! I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you.” (Isaiah 41:10 GNT)


He held the white Lego out to her. She went to Him, received it, and added it to His tower.

She ran to her Mama and laughed with joy.

Yeshua stood and placed His hand on Mercy’s arm as she held Crying Out. “Her cry has been answered. Her name and purpose is Grace.”

Mercy’s eyes opened wide and flooded with tears as she processed this profound revelation.

You could have heard a pin drop – for no one could speak.

Never before had a hospital been so filled with quiet joy.



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    That’s what we need is to see her smile and joy

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      Absolutely! I remember when we dedicated Hannah to the Lord, you said her smile has been a blessing to you since the day she was born!

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