His Burden is Light


“What is your gift to the family of God?” It was our first time attending this church and I had just been introduced to this woman. My answer, of course, was profound.
“Ummm…I…ummm…to raise my kids?” She looked at me like I was from Mars. I was mortified. What a great first impression!

That was many years ago. Last week, I would have said, “My calling is to write.”  However, I would have left out that it was a vigorous ride on an emotional roller coaster.

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    Marlene, I enjoyed reading your post “His Burden is Light”. It is so true. Why do we always seem to think we have to earn what he wants to give us freely! Another great read, as usual. 😉

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      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I believe the two main reasons for trying to earn all He freely gives us are tricks of the enemy and our pride, but either way, it always boils down to getting our eyes off the Lord.

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    I’m back again to say “thank you.” Really. I am thankful that you are walking in your calling and exercising your gifts. We are blessed by what you give. ♥

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    You are the perfect person to do a guest post. It can be so easy to forget that as long as we stay focused on Jesus, we will be fulfilling our calling. In fact, I believe it was you who first mentioned to me that the only times you had trouble coping was when you lost sight of Jesus. I have tried to follow that suggestion from you. Keep sharing all of your gifts.

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      Thank you, Susan! I believe that’s the answer to every difficulty we face. After all, He is our wisdom – the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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