Hannah’s Insight On Being God’s Masterpiece

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EPH 2:10 For we are His creation, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared ahead of time so that we should walk in them.

Another word for creation is masterpiece. For children with special needs, this verse can mean many things.

  • Why did God make me with a special need? Does He have a purpose for me?
  • It can mean God allowed me to have a disability and I am going to accept it.
  • Children can also have times when they feel like this verse doesn’t apply to them at all.

I have felt each of these ways at different times.

I was diagnosed with autism at two. It wasn’t until fifth grade that I began to wonder, Why did God make me with a special need? Does He have a purpose for me?

We had been living in Hardin County and my cousin was my only friend at that time and lived close by. He suddenly decided to move back to his dad’s home. I blamed God and believed He must have wanted me to be lonely. I thought He was saying I didn’t have friends or a purpose because I have autism.

Little did I know that after my cousin left, we would move to Meade County and God had wonderful plans for me there. This verse ended up applying to me in a bigger way than ever and autism couldn’t prevent it.

I ended up making quite a few friends and having some of the best teachers in the world. They really cared about me and I found my purpose through them. I knew I was meant to become a teacher.  Like many children with special needs, I had to see God’s plan happening before I could believe it was true for me.

In eighth grade, I began to see think God allowed me to have a disability and I am going to accept it.  Nobody can accept something like this until He shows them that they are His masterpiece and that He has a purpose for them.

One day, another student had moved to Meade County and was in my math class. After class, God spoke to me that He wanted me to help him through school, because he also has autism. The very next day, we became best friends and have been ever since. I realized this was the reason God allowed me to have autism. For children with special needs, sometimes it takes seeing the impact we can have on another person to see that we are God’s masterpiece.

During my senior year of high school, I was going through an emotionally traumatic time and was in the hospital for a week. I felt like the Bible verse didn’t apply to me at all. While I was there, all I could find for words to say to God was, “Why?”  “You made me to be your masterpiece, so why do you have me going through this? Why would you let something as bad as this happen to one of Your masterpieces?”

I was treated with total disrespect by the staff, because of having autism. They didn’t know a thing about it, especially my doctor. My mom, who is a huge advocate for me, tried to tell them my needs, but they just wouldn’t listen.

The day before I went home, my mom had enough and the “grizzly bear mom” in her came out. Whoever knows her, knows that they better back up and be careful. You don’t mess with her children.

She went to the facility that day and asked to talk to the Medical Director. She ended up meeting with the charge nurse and several other staff members. She told them what the doctor said to her that showed he knew nothing about autism. She told them my needs were different from typical patients, explained what they were and how they were not being met. I think they knew better than to keep me from my mom another day and they were most certainly right.

Before my mom left, the charge nurse asked her if it was okay to tell me that she had been there. My mom answered, “Oh, yes! I want you to tell her I was here today.”  The nurse came and told me and I knew inside I would be going home!!!!! I couldn’t sleep that night, I was so excited.

The next morning was incredibly long, because I was waiting to be in the arms of the people I love once again. I had a meeting with the staff, then they called my mom. The staff wouldn’t tell me when she would be coming to get me. I was coming back from lunch when they told me she was there. I wanted to jump out of line, but they wouldn’t let me.

When we left, I was given the biggest shower of love ever. That is what showed me that I was believing a lie from the enemy; and in fact, the verse does apply to me. The verse applies to everyone, especially children with special needs. It just takes different ways for them to see it.

For me, it took being ripped away from my entire world to realize it, but it doesn’t have to be that way for every child with special needs. My advice is to consistently show them that they are indeed loved, and that’s how they will know they are God’s masterpiece.


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    Hannah, I can’t even tell you how proud I am of you. What a wonderfully written article! You have so many talents in so many areas. As I was reading your post I thought of a quote I heard just the other day. It said, I asked God, “Why are you taking me through such troubled waters?” He replied, “Because your enemies can’t swim.” I love that. Another one of my favorites is “Sometimes on dark days I think, nobody cares and nobody’s coming. Then I remember who send thoughts like that and I straighten my crown.” Because we walk by faith and not by sight life is often scary and confusing. But we are His masterpieces and he’s not about to let go of us. ♥

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      Thanks Aunt Debbie! The quote is awesome!!! I love you

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    Amazingly insightful and what a gift Hannah has for sharing her thoughts in word. You will be an amazing gift to so many as a teacher Hannah, just as you already are to your family and friends!

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    Thanks Jill!! I appreciate your kind words

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    Awesome,Hannah. You are one of God’s masterpieces shining a light for others. God bless you, a true success story.

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    Wow Hannah! Thank you for sharing your journey! It was truly eye opening! I love you!

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      No problem Aunt Mary!! Thank you!!! I’m glad it was helpful for you!!! I love you too!!

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