God’s Masterpiece: Hearts Transformed (Allegory) Table of Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. Breaking News: Heart has Head-on Collision with Faith
  3. Digging Deeper
  4. Complication Brings Identification and Security
  5. Breaking News
  6. Sudden Change of Heart: Will the Glorious Celebration Be Cancelled?
  7. Heart Receives Identity Therapy
  8. Newsflash—Culprits Survive
  9. What Do You Believe?
  10. Negative Emotion Transfer
  11. Tears of Mercy
  12. Do I Trust You?
  13. Burdened?
  14. Burdened Transformed
  15. Breaking News: Mercy Is Going In!
  16. Take Your Rightful Place
  17. Newsflash! Worn out Current!
  18. How Will Yeshua Connect With Crying Out?
  19. Breaking News: Mercy Released
  20. Wounded, Lost and Alone
  21. Newsflash! All-Out Brawl
  22. That’s My Right
  23. Where Do You Belong?
  24.  When Mercy Hides
  25. Freed From What is Dead – The Glorious Celebration

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