Freed From What is Dead – The Glorious Celebration

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Yeshua escorted Mercy to a beautiful ballroom. Sunlight burst through the numerous ornate windows. Although it was autumn, flowers of every color filled the room with springtime.

Cherished and Grace looked gorgeous and were ecstatic that their parents were being reunited. Family and friends were gathered to share this joyous occasion.

Yeshua led Mercy to Noble. Their eyes met. It was as though they were seeing each other for the first time. They hugged and cried. Cherished and Grace joined them. Tears washed away past hurts.

Noble searched Mercy’s eyes and said, “Thank you for giving me a second chance.” The humility in his voice and words was stunning.

Mercy couldn’t speak. That is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. Now I’m supposed to say something. Oh, my God! What was I going to say? I can’t remember. She searched his eyes. Several seconds passed before she tearfully responded, “Thank you for giving me a second chance.”

Yeshua gathered them into a group hug. He looked to Abba standing in front of them. “Abba, thank You for the restoring this beautiful family and for reuniting them with Us.”

Abba smiled. “Thank You, My precious Son, for all You did to save them.”

Abba beheld the family before Him. “You have been in a season much like autumn,” He said pointing to the scenery outside the windows. “Your vibrant leaves have fallen. Some, who saw your beautiful colors, have looked on you with pity, shaken their heads, and wondered what will become of you. Indeed, some nodded their heads in approval at what they perceived to be punishment. Those who are wise rejoiced with you knowing Life flows within – freeing you of what is dead; and refreshing you with hope and the beginning of a new life.”

Cherished squeezed Mercy’s hand in agreement and smiled at Noble. Grace, standing in front of Cherished, leaned back on her with a look of utter contentment. The guests were moved to tears.

Abba continued, “But what about ‘in the meantime’? Your branches are bare; you are weary and people can see through you. This is not for shame or condemnation. This is a time of learning to trust in Yeshua’s finished work. Remember, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’ Yes, ‘in the meantime’ is most precious. Life is flowing. Those who are wise, look through your bare branches and see the Son of Righteousness rising with healing in His wings. They recognize the Life within you and rejoice with you. This is a wonderful time to rejoice!”

The room filled with cheers and applause. Triumphant music burst forth as the guests bestowed heartfelt congratulations to the family.

Sheer joy rose within Grace until she overflowed with giggles as Yeshua lifted her into His arms and began dancing and spinning around the room. Glorious Advocate took Cherished by the hand and twirled her in a most elegant dance.

Abba held Noble and Mercy in a warm embrace. “It is vital for you to remember that family is a priceless treasure.”

He took Mercy’s hand and hushed everyone so He could make an announcement.

“It is My great pleasure to partake in a Father-daughter dance with My sweet Mercy.”  He twirled her into the center of the room, held her close and spoke of His great love for her as they danced.

Noble bowed before Cherished and Grace and asked, “May I have this dance?” He led them to the dance floor. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be with my family again. They are indeed priceless. I am so happy! Thank You, Yeshua! His eyes blurred with tears. There were so many things he’d like to say, but all he could manage was, “I love you girls!” Cherished and Grace beamed from ear to ear.

Yeshua, who was dancing nearby, leaned towards them and said, “There is nothing more healing than the love of a father!”




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    This is so heartwarming, Marlene! It’s a loving picture of redemption. Thanks so much for sharing your story through a new lens.

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      Thank you, Teresa! I love the way King David put it: “Because Your loving kindness is better than life, My lips will praise You.”

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    Thank you for taking me somewhere new. I love stepping into a vision of the promises of God. Dormancy is such a hidden promise!

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      Thank you, Amber! Finding the gems God’s hidden is life changing. We see Him more clearly each time and I’m always blown away by how amazing He is!

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