Favorite Books on Autism

1. Behavioral Intervention For Young Children With Autism, A Manual For Parents And Professionals
by Maurice, Green, & Luce

In my opinion, this is a “must-have” book for parents. It provides an in-depth description of Applied Behavior Analysis, the research behind it, how to select ABA analysts, individual programs, etc.

2. Generalizing
By Marilyn M. Toomey

3. The Language of Perspective Taking
By Marilyn M. Toomey

4. Talk About Planning
By Marilyn M. Toomey

5. When My Worries Get Too Big, A Relaxation Book For Children Who Live With Anxiety
By Kari Bunn Buron

6. The Incredible 5-Point Scale
By Kari Bunn Buron and Mitzi Curtis

7. Asperger’s and Self-Esteem, Insight and Hope Through Famous Role Models
By Norm Ledgin

8. Thinking in Pictures
By Temple Grandin


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