Do I Trust You?

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Mercy woke and saw the sun rising. The spectacular display filled her with joy. She couldn’t remember the last time she woke up feeling happy and peaceful. Thank You, Yeshua, for all You’ve accomplished in my heart!

A knock at the door signaled the arrival of breakfast. Yeshua entered the room. A second later, Nurse Forgiveness came in also. Mercy sat up, rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and smiled cheerfully.

Yeshua asked, “Feeling better today, aren’t you?”

“I feel better than I have in a very long time. Thank You, Yeshua!”

“That’s what we like to hear,” said Nurse Forgiveness as she moved the hospital table over Mercy’s bed.

“Mmmm, I’m really hungry this morning. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Eat up. You’ve got a big day ahead of you.”

Mercy was surprised to hear this.

“I do?” She lifted the cover off her plate and was delighted to see two eggs over-easy and a biscuit with gravy – her favorite breakfast.

“Yes,” Yeshua said. “Your husband called early this morning and didn’t want to wake you, so he left a message that he is coming to visit this afternoon. Of course, the children are also coming. They’ve finished packing so when you’re discharged, which I expect to happen very soon, you can all move right into my home.”

Mercy sat straight up. “They are? I sure have missed them! What time will they be here? They’ve done the packing? I hope they packed everything carefully. I don’t want anything to break. I’ll be discharged soon? How soon?”

Yeshua laughed. “Slow down, eat your breakfast and give Me a chance to answer you!”

Laughter filled the room.

“I have some other things to discuss too. So let’s take this one step at a time.”

“Okay,” Mercy said as she took a sip of orange juice.

“Your heart has made a…shall I say it…a miraculous recovery, which is why you’re allowed your favorite breakfast this morning.”

Mercy was thrilled with this news and savored the next bite of eggs.

Once you’ve finished eating, we’re going to meet with Negative Emotion.”

She almost choked. Her chin dropped and eyebrows raised as she looked at Him, but she didn’t say a word. She just looked at Him.

We’re making progress, Yeshua thought. She is surprised, and a little fearful too, but not angry. She’s beginning to trust Me!

Yeshua took Mercy’s hand in His and said, “Trust is a rare gem. Thank you for this most precious gift! I will love and care for it just as I love and care for you – with all My heart.”

Mercy said, “Thank You, Yeshua!” A moment later, she frowned and her eyebrows squeezed together in confusion. “I’m not sure I do trust You. Do I trust You? I want to, but I’m also afraid.”

“I know, and I understand.”

Mercy searched His eyes. “I do trust You. I see it in Your eyes! But I want to trust You more.”

“Your trust will grow as you see Me cherish it – and you.”

She felt a bond with Him like she’d never known before.

Mercy looked at Him again and thought, He really does understand.

“Yes. I really do,” He said.

She was surprised that He knew her thoughts. Well, why wouldn’t He? He created and designed me. There’s nothing about me He doesn’t know and the amazing thing is… He still loves me. Me, who has always felt so unlovable!

His eyes suddenly sparkled, “Yes, I do love you!”

Mercy blushed. “There’s something about Your eyes. I see myself more clearly in Your eyes than I do when I look at myself.”

“Well said! You are finding your true identity in the only place it can be found – in Me. If you lose yourself or allow others to tell you who you are, just behold Me and you will  find your identity again.”

Mercy nodded, hoping she would never forget to behold Him. “Thank You, Yeshua!”

Yeshua smiled. “Your… our… family will be here in a few hours. That gives us time for our meeting with Negative Emotion. Are you ready?”

“Only if You say I am.” Yeshua and Nurse Forgiveness were delighted to hear this.

“Wait a second,” Nurse Forgiveness said. She placed Mercy’s dishes back on the tray, and removed a crumb from Mercy’s gown. “I, Forgiveness, want to take every left-over scrap before you face Negative Emotion.”

Yeshua’s smile was as bright as the sunrise. “There. Now you’re ready.” He helped Mercy into the wheel chair and out the door they went.

Do I Trust You


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    You need to make copies and make a little book. It has been a joy reading your story.

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    You’re right, it made me smile. I couldn’t agree with Dan more. Well, except that I think you should make a big book, not a little one! hahahhahaaaa….

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    “I do trust you, but I want to trust you more.” This is the cry of my heart so often. I struggle to give everything over. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us!

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