Complication Brings Identification and Security

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Mrs. Heart, who was injured in the wreckage of a stolen U-Haul, is recovering from open-heart surgery at New Covenant Hospital in the city of Privileged.

When she woke from the anesthesia, a complication was discovered. Amnesia. She was completely unaware of who she was.

The Physician had such compassion on her, He began searching for her true identity Himself. He used the newest identification technology, BB and R (Blood Bought and Restored), which has proven to be 100% accurate 100% of the time.

BB and R revealed that Mrs. Heart is one of the Physician’s long-lost relatives. It seems there was a branch of His family that His Father tried to help many years ago, but they turned their backs to Him in bitterness and pride. Although all communication from them ceased, the Physician’s family never stopped searching for them. Never. Stopped. Searching.

Branch down

Tears streamed down the Physician’s face as He told His Father the wonderful news that this long-lost relative was found.

In the meantime, Mrs. Heart’s husband, Wounded Heart, had been searching for her everywhere. All he knew was that she and the U-Haul had vanished. He checked the local hospitals, but to no avail. Finally, his daughter, Burdened Heart, saw our news article and alerted him. He and the children: Burdened, Warrior, and Crying Out immediately headed to Privileged.

When they arrived at New Covenant, Wounded was surprised to see Kingdom Security Guards at the door to his wife’s room. The Physician stepped out of the room, verified their relation to Mrs. Heart and sent the children in. With genuine delight, He explained to Wounded what He discovered about his wife’s identity.

“So you see,” He placed His hands on Wounded’s shoulders and pulled him closer, “You are My family!” He embraced Wounded, who was stunned and speechless.

The Physician’s tone momentarily turned somber. “You also need to know we have reason to believe an enemy of Our family by the name of Buried Emotion knew your wife’s true identity and wanted to harm her. He manipulated Negative Emotion into taking her for quite a ride in that U-Haul. Thankfully, they did not reach the intended destination. My Father and I have taken it upon Ourselves to keep all of you safe, so We commissioned guards for your protection.

Also, We would like to offer you a home with Us. I’ve written down the address and the security code to open the gate.”

He gave Wounded a folded paper with the information. He opened it and read,

Address: Near to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18)

Security Code: The beloved of the Lord dwells in safety. The High God surrounds him all day long, and dwells between his shoulders. (Deuteronomy 33:12)

Wounded was dazed. He was still trying to process all that it meant, when the Physician ushered him in to his wife’s room and revealed her true identity to her and the children.

Burdened nodded knowingly. Mrs. Heart was completely overcome with emotion.

The Physician tenderly calmed her, then turned to Wounded, pointed at Mrs. Heart and said, “We know from the rental contract in the U-Haul that your last name is Heart, but what is your wife’s first name?”

The nurses, who were all curious, leaned forward in anticipation.

“Invisible,” Wounded stated.

The nurses gasped. A look of disbelief crossed the Physician’s face.

“That name does not suit her. In fact, neither do yours,” He said looking first at Wounded and then the children. I’m certain My Father will want to change your names, with your consent of course. It will be a ceremony you will never forget!”

A joyful, but quiet celebration began, since Mrs. Heart was still recuperating. A glorious celebration is planned in the near future.


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    You are a good writer, keep it coming

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      Thank you for all you do to support me & most of all for believing in me! It means more to me than you know!!!

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    Marlene, this is fabulous. I seriously think you should consider all of this in book form. And you certainly have the “cliff hanger” principle down pat! More, more!!!

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      Thanks, Deb! That’s exactly what I’m thinking, but I’ve got to get a lot more followers first. Hopefully the cliff hangers will help. I really appreciate your encouragement!

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    Wow. You captured so much of a mama’s heart. “She was completely unaware of who she was.’ Beautiful!

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      Thank you, Kelly! I’m glad to know this resonates with other moms. That’s what I was hoping to do. Mama’s hearts definitely tend to get lost in all their cares, concerns and all they do to take care of everyone else.

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