Burdened Transformed

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Mercy and Burdened sat together on a bench in the garden.

Yeshua turned to leave saying, “I’ll let you talk privately.”

Mercy’s eyebrows raised as she questioned Him, “Excuse me? Where are You going?”

Yeshua chuckled. “I was giving you the option to talk privately if you’d like.”

Mercy held up one hand. “Hang on just a second please.”

She turned to Burdened, who was snuggled in her arms. Her sobs were quieting. “Sweetie, I’d really like to invite Yeshua to talk with us too. I’m learning to trust Him and His immeasurable wisdom. Are you okay with that?”

Burdened looked up at Yeshua. He knelt down in front of her, placed His hand on hers and said, “I’ll stay only if you want me to.”

As soon as He touched her hand, her eyes widened, her frown transformed into a smile, she sat forward and hugged Him. “It’s You,” she said.

At this, Yeshua beamed from ear to ear. “You recognize me! That’s wonderful!”

“Yes, I’m glad You’re here. Please stay!”

“Of course I will,” and He pulled a chair close to them and sat down.

Mercy looked from Yeshua to Burdened, and back to Yeshua again.

Burdened answered her mom’s questioning eyes, “I’ve known Him by another name, Comforter. But I know Him.”

Now, Mercy’s gaze flashed to Yeshua in recognition. She nodded her head and gave Burdened a big hug. “I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you know Him too!” She hugged Burdened again and asked, “Are you okay? Tell me what’s going on.”

“I’m okay, but I’m not okay,” Burdened answered. “Mom, I’ve been trying really hard to salvage all the worries you packed so carefully in the U-Haul, but…” she began to cry, “I can’t do it, Mom. I’ve really tried.” She began sobbing. “Everything is just too…broken. I’ve tried to fix as much as I can, but nothing’s…the…same! I feel really bad telling you this when you’re in the hospital, but I’ve tried everything I know to do. Nothing’s. Working.” She curled up in a ball, leaned against Mercy and cried her heart out.

“Oh, hun!” Mercy snuggled with her and they cried together. When they could talk again, Mercy said, “I’m so sorry, sweetie. I never meant for you to take care of all my worries. Sit up here for a minute. I have something very important to tell you.” They shifted positions. Mercy took Burdened’s hand and Yeshua’s hand and looked Burdened in the eye. “You weren’t meant to take care of those worries, and quite frankly, neither was I.”

She looked at Yeshua and smiled. “Yeshua is the only One with enough strength and wisdom to handle our worries.”  Burdened turned and fixed her eyes on Yeshua too. He took her hand in His and leaned forward toward her and Mercy.

For the first time, Mercy noticed the horrifying scars on His hands. She gasped. She gently touched the scars, shocked by the realization of the evil-ridden pain He suffered. Burdened gingerly touched the scars also. They looked back at His face and wiped away His tears. He hugged them both until they all stopped crying.

Mercy couldn’t stop herself. She blurted out, “Are you absolutely certain You didn’t make a mistake when You made us with emotions?”  They erupted into gales of laughter.

Yeshua answered, “I’m certain.  Just imagine all the fun we’d miss!”  Laughter rose again.

When all was quiet, Yeshua took their hands, looked at each of them, and said, “Negative emotions also have a purpose. They point you to the location of a belief containing error. In this case, you each believed that you were supposed to look after your cares and each other’s cares. But nothing could be further from the truth.” He held up His hands, again, revealing His scars. “I already bore those cares and provided all you need in My boundless love for you. You were meant to rest in My love – to allow yourselves to be carried in My heart.”

Mercy and Burdened stared at Him for the longest time. When they found their voices, they said in unison, “We’re so sorry!”

Yeshua held His hands up once more. “Don’t forget, I paid for your forgiveness.” He looked at Burdened. “Now, My sweet girl, no one can call you ‘Burdened’ anymore, because that is not who you are. From now on, your name is ‘Cherished.’” Cherished covered her face with her hands and squealed.  She jumped up and wrapped her arms around Yeshua in a big hug. “That is exactly who I’ve always wanted to be!”

Yeshua laughed in pure joy. “That’s because that’s exactly who you were made to be!” Cherished squealed again.

Mercy couldn’t stop the tears streaming down her face. She hadn’t seen her daughter this happy in…well…a very long time…if ever.

Yeshua couldn’t help laughing as He asked, “Would you like to ask Me, again, why I created you with emotions?”

“Okay, I admit it! You were right,” Mercy said. She and Cherished laughed again too.

Yeshua said jokingly, “Well of course I am! After all, that’s the kind of person I am!” Now their laughter was heard throughout the hospital grounds.



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    I found the time to sit down and read this post. I am in tears. It’s so beautiful Marlene. I’m thinking of how this is touching my life. It enables me to look back and see how many needless cares and worries I carried for so long. Many thanks to Yeshua,I can say that a large percentage of all of that burden bearing lies in the past and I am no longer called Burden, but Cherished.

    As I read I am thinking of Pastor Ron. He would LOVE this story. I think I’m going to print it all off in “booklet form” and give it to him. With a note that says, “more to come”!

    Bless you for sharing your heart with us.

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      I’m so glad, Debbie! Thank you for sharing your victory. Be sure and say, “Hi!” to Pastor Ron for me, and let me know what he thinks of the story.

      Thanks for helping me to get my story out!

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    What a beautiful way of closing the circle. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the class between Mercy and Negative Emotion. But the thing you touched upon that we too often forget as parents(Moms) is that our worries affect others a whole lot more than we probably pay attention to. That is also a huge lesson in this God inspired story.

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    Thank you, Susan! You’re so right about our worries affecting others. Many times the ones that don’t seem affected are, in fact, affected the most. Laying our worries down is quite a job. I guess that’s why the Bible says, “Labor to enter into rest.”

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    Absolutely Wonderful, and again so touched by the reminder of who we are in Him and who He is in us. Love it.

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    “I’ve known him by another name.” This one phrase captured me. Our God is so big, yet so personal. He is the character we need in each and every scene of our lives. Beautiful, Marlene!

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      Thank you, Kelly! It is uplifting and yet humbling to see how personally involved He is in our lives. He’s amazing!

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