July 2017

Ever Find Yourself Avoiding Help?

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Are you always there to help people, but find yourself avoiding help when you need it? Have you ever wondered why? Avoiding Help Years ago, a friend told me, “Marlene, you are great about helping others, but you can be in quicksand up to your chin, and still smile at people as they walk by […]

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Statement of Purpose Marlene DeForrest                           July 23, 2017                        MA in Integrative Studies Autism has filled my life and heart with anguish, education, and triumph. Anguish, because a head pediatrician told me to “strongly consider” residential placement for my daughter, Hannah. Education, because I returned to school to learn how to help her and others with […]


Is there a link between Glyphosate Herbicide and autism as Dr. Stephanie Seneff states? What about the Snopes article refuting her claim? Dr. Seneff’s Claim Health Impact News reported on Dr. Seneff’s statement, “At a [recent] conference, in a special panel discussion about GMOs, she took the audience by surprise when she declared, ‘At today’s rate, […]

Support and Encouragement

Drum Roll Please I’m excited to announce that I went way out of my comfort zone by entering a writing contest! Win or not, I learned a lot. Most importantly, I learned how much support and encouragement I have – and how blessed I am. Support and Encouragement Contestants were to write a life story […]

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Revised health care bill The revised health care bill continues to jeopardize the most vulnerable United States Citizens: those with disabilities. If passed, 15 million people, most of whom have disabilities, will lose or be unable to access Medicaid. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “Recent estimates in the United States show that […]

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I need your help, dear friends. I am applying to a Master’s Program to take the coursework recommended for the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst exam. My goal is to work with children here in Kentucky who don’t have insurance that covers ABA. I also hope to take courses in writing to continue encouraging parents here on […]

One Frightening Day

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The children in Hannah’s second-grade class were lined up to go home. Hannah’s older sister, Mandy, went to pick her up. When she got to the school, Hannah wasn’t in line. She wasn’t in the classroom. She wasn’t in the office. No one knew where she was. She had wandered away. It was One Frightening […]