May 2017

Our Sweet Hannah

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The redness of her hair The blueness of her eyes The wonder on her face But…oh, the confusion in her mind The bounce in her step The beauty of her smile The life in her spirit But…oh, the confusion in her mind The intensity of her crying The abusiveness to herself The long hours of […]

Shutting Down? Mine Treasures!

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Shutting Down My first-grade teacher stopped at my desk and whispered, “Marlene, you are going to have to stay after school today.” I gasped and my eyes welled up with tears. “But I didn’t do anything. What did I do wrong?” She gently patted my back. “I just want to help you with your handwriting.” […]

Happy Mother’s Day To moms who have been on a first name basis with Emergency Room nurses and doctors… To moms who listen out for their child 24/7 and are afraid to go to sleep… To moms who “give care” until they can hardly stand, yet feel more was needed… To moms who try to […]