October 2016

Freed From What is Dead - The Glorious Celebration

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Yeshua escorted Mercy to a beautiful ballroom. Sunlight burst through the numerous ornate windows. Although it was autumn, flowers of every color filled the room with springtime. Cherished and Grace looked gorgeous and were ecstatic that their parents were being reunited. Family and friends were gathered to share this joyous occasion. Yeshua led Mercy to […]

Transforming Hearts and Homes


Boy-oh-boy, do I know what it’s like to be busy, especially when my kids were…well…still kids. In the early days of Hannah’s autism, she lost all her language skills, became self-abusive and had autistic melt-downs that lasted for hours. My husband was a truck-driver and was gone for three weeks at a time. “Home” was […]

When Mercy Hides

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Mercy heard a knock. The door opened. Several voices rang in unison, “Good morning!”  Mercy gasped in alarm and sat straight up. “Who are you?”  Three women stood at the foot of her bed. Mercy looked around. Her heart raced. “Where am I? Where’s Wounded? Where are my kids?” “A little confused this morning?” Everyone […]

Where Do You Belong

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Yeshua, Mercy, and the children were on their way to Yeshua’s home. Mercy felt uneasy, and when she saw the gates to a beautiful palace ahead of them, her heart leapt to her throat. She began hyperventilating and stuttered, “I…I…I…can’t…do…this!” Cherished gasped. “Mom, what’s wrong?” Mercy hid her face in her hands and then gingerly […]

That’s My Right

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Wounded and Yeshua entered the Out of Bounds Roadhouse. Wounded thought, I sure hope it’s quiet. This place can get pretty rowdy sometimes. The host, Aiden Abet, took them to a table. “How’s this?” “Booth, please,” Wounded said. Yeshua chuckled. “Absolutely,” Aiden said. “You have the right to a booth.” Once seated, Yeshua asked, “How are you doing?” […]