August 2016

Breaking News: Heart has Head-on Collision with Faith

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Ben There Reporting The well-respected Heart family prepared for transfer from our city of One Difficulty to More. Mrs. Heart took arm-loads of worries to the nearly full truck, climbed in the back, and placed them ever so carefully where she was certain they would be safe. Negative Emotion, who recently moved in to their neighborhood, […]

God's Masterpiece: Hearts Transformed Introduction (Allegory)

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Moms, which is the last room in your house that you clean? For me, it’s my bedroom, especially when my kids were young. There never seemed to be enough time. Not only that, but as I came across things I didn’t have a place for, where did I put them? My bedroom. By the end […]

The Pain & Gain of Autism

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 My daughter was not born with autism. She regressed into it. It was like watching a butterfly in reverse metamorphosis. Each day the cocoon engulfed her more and more. I felt so alone and so helpless. One minute my heart would beg God for help, “God, where are you?” The next minute I’d shake my fist […]

Nana & Aunt Mary: Their Anchor Holds


Hannah’s heart and life is filled with God’s love. He loves her and she loves Him! I believe this is because He has always had people in her life at just the right times to encourage her and show her His love and faithfulness. Now it’s one thing to learn about God, as wonderful as […]