April 2016

How many people do you know who are willing to continuously work in the background for someone else’s well-being and happiness? A person of this caliber is one-in-a-million. This is the heart Dan has for Hannah. He gives his all for her. When Hannah was two years old, she was in the hospital several times […]

Mandy's Unwavering Hope

Treasured Sister From the time Mandy was a little girl, her heart contained a treasure chamber which, for years, was filled only with her cries to God for a little sister. Her unwavering hope kept it in a constant state of readiness as she waited year after year. I explained that sometimes, God’s answer is, […]

Healing Hannah's Heart

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“Mom, why are all those people out here?” We had just pulled up to the high school where Night to Shine was being held. I looked where Hannah was pointing. There were a lot of people by the door that she would have to go through. “It’s gonna be okay, hun. Maybe they’re volunteers. Do you […]