March 2016

“Mom, I was required to do it, but I didn’t know how. I did my best, but people kept looking at me like I was from Mars, so I know I wasn’t doing it right. I was so embarrassed and I felt ashamed!” My daughter, Hannah (who has autism), was in a situation where she […]

Story Behind Hannah's Baptism


I want Jesus to live in my heart “Mama, I want Jesus to live in my heart like He lives in your heart,” Hannah said as she hugged me. She had just had her bath and even though she was seven years old, I still loved to smell her freshly washed hair. “Well, we’ve talked […]

Hannah Goes Back To Public School

We bought a very special gift for Hannah when she turned 18.  Her face lit up with excitement when she saw the large present so beautifully wrapped.  She removed the wrapping paper, opened the box and found another wrapped box inside.  She unwrapped box after box and finally she found a beautiful two-heart amethyst ring […]

I love seeing Hannah so excited and happy. The image of her huge smile and jumping up to run and get her swimsuit when I told her we were going to Aunt Mary’s house played over and over in my mind. At just eight years old, she was already a great swimmer. It was her favorite […]

Lord, During the darkest & most difficult times, when we feel like we’re plodding through a swamp, lost & alone, You, in fact, are carrying us. You lift us up, hold us close, & encourage us.  When we call on You, You respond with great gentleness & grace.  You set us on high places & […]