Why My Hope For Autism?


“Your child has autism.”  Have these words stunned your mind? Traumatized your heart? Is “Why my child?” ringing in your ears? Does your heart cry, “God, where are you? I can’t do this!” while you’re seized by urgency to “fix” this? Do you feel like you’re in a vicious negative cycle?

You’re not alone. I’ve been there.

Answers for Hannah

Hannah at age fourMy daughter, Hannah, received a high school graduate - my hope for autismdiagnosis of autism at the age of two. The head pediatrician of a reputable hospital advised us to strongly consider placing her in a home. However,  God sovereignly positioned us in the right place at the right time to access the choice program (based on sound research) for autism.

Hannah progressed from nonverbal, self-abusive autism to working in church ministries, driving, and is now on the Dean’s List in Early Childhood Education in college.

My Hope for Autism reveals the practical answers of the program that helped Hannah.

Answers for Parents

Dan and MarleneMy Hope for Autism also reveals that when my heart cried,  “God, I can’t do this,” I was right. I couldn’t and still can’t. Not without God’s help. Thankfully, He is so willing to help! You will have the opportunity to see where God is and how He brings good out of such difficult times. As you read the Hearts Transformed Allegory, you will also get to witness my husband, Dan, and I progressing from feeling abandoned by God to realizing He was with us – carrying us – the whole time. What God has done for us, He is willing to do for you as well.

As we journey together, I also direct your attention to blessings along autism’s path. Yes, blessings. Huge blessings. As you begin to see them, your heart, like mine, will begin to mend. Thus, a positive cycle begins for you and your child.  After all, when you help the mom, you also help the child. Likewise, when you help the child, you also help the mom.


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    Your journey with Hannah is truly a story of beauty for ashes. You guys are amazing and have proof of that to offer Hope for others. God bless and spread your ministry.

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    Thank you, Glenda! Your support and prayers through the years have meant so much to us! You’re a real gem!

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